Julian Norwood.  Illustrator

Julian Norwood is a writer and illustrator living on a green, solar powered, small acre homestead in rural Connecticut with his spouse, an assortment of cats and a flock of chickens.

Originally from Kettering Ohio, he has a degree in Studio Art from Defiance College, and finished his first children’s book, Up and Away, as his capstone project. His first novel, Forsaking Magic, followed in 2014. He’s been busy on an alphabet book for pre-schoolers, and more YA fantasy ventures, including the sequel for Forsaking Magic, and “Ambrose and the Cat.”

Most of his work is painted, in various media such as casein and oils, and most of his writing is done at much too early in the morning.

When he’s not writing, he’s elbows deep in an engine, bottling the next home-brew project, enjoying a cup of tea, or traveling the countryside.

© 2017 by Julian Norwood

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